Work from home

Have you ever thought about looking for a job where you can work from home and make good money? Have you come across a few potential job opportunities that sounded too good to be true? Have you ever found an opportunity that ended up scamming you out of money? Do you want to find a legitimate work from home job? A legitimate job where you can make a good amount of income to supplement what you are making at a daily job. Or, maybe you are looking for a legitimate work from home job that replaces your current job. In any case, I have good news for you. This website is going to help you.

My name is Bryan Kelso and I have decided to create a website about legitimate jobs that people can do while working from home. This adventure started about two weeks ago when I was looking at our finances. I said to my wife , “we have to get more income coming in”. I do not have the time for a second job. My primary day job has different shifts that I have to be able to work so the time is not there to commit to another job. I told her I would look for a job I can do at home. The search began. If you type ” work from home jobs” in the Google search bar you get 1,200,000,000 search results. Google search results. There are data entry jobs, medical billing jobs, envelope stuffing jobs, home assembly jobs, virtual assistant jobs and a whole bunch more. The problem I ran in to was how do I know which one is legitimate? I do not have the money to gamble on something. I need it to be legitimate and I need it to bring in money. I decided that someone needs to sort all these out and share this information. decided that this someone will be me. There are millions of people out there that can and will benefit from a legitimate work from home job and I want to help them.

The plan is simple. I will research different opportunities. I will sign up with a few of them. I will post the results on this website. I am new to the website thing so I can’t guarantee it will be pretty. I will guarantee that I will provide honest and accurate information. I will not be able to sign up for them at the same time as some of them cost money and do require time. I do not want to over commit and try doing too many at the same time. Whichever one I am signed up for , I want to be able to give 100% and really try it. I don’t want it to fail due to lack of effort on my part. So follow along and check back every so often and see what is new.